Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homework for tuesday, March 17th: The Progressive Era

(Image to left: Jane Adams, social reformer and founder of Hull House, 1899.)

For class tomorrow, read the section of Chapter 21 in Out of Many designagted by the first letter of your LAST NAME and follow the directions below. Points will be deducted if you change your group without my permission as it is important that all of the areas be covered in depth for tomorrow's lesson to work well. 

A-C: The Female Dominion and Urban Machines - pp. 724-730
D-H: Journalism and Intellectual Reform - pp. 730-736
I- L: Working Class Experience and Worker's Rights- pp. 736-744
M-Z: Women's movement and the Black Awakening pp. 744-748

Directions for writing assignment: 

1. Answer the focus question on page 723 in 150-250 words (on looseleaf or typed, you're encouraged to post it to the blog but will need a hard copy in class, too - the printer is out)"

 "Discuss the tensions within progressivism between the ideas of social justice and the urge for social control. What concrete achievements are associated with each "wing" of the movement?" 
 (NOTE: focus on the section/ topics you were assigned only for this assignment in your response.)

2. Define 8-10 key terms, reformers, policies, events, works of literature, etc. that come up in your section of the text. 

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