Thursday, May 7, 2009

Debate Prep: Controversial Issues at the end of WWII


7 minute debates:

today you will be preparing for a TWO ROUND debate on ONE of the following issues. You will not be told in advance WHICH position you will argue in class tomorrow, so be sure to complete both perspective columns in your notes.


Dropping of Atomic Bomb

Is the deployment of the A Bomb a necessary step to end Japanese aggression and ensure America’s victory in the Second World War? - Video - primary sources, truman library primary sources, truman library



22nd Amendment to US Constitution:  Is it necessary  to limit the President to two terms in office? Do term limits preserve checks and balances or hinder democratic process?


Formation and joining of NATO : Is the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization a necessary step in advancing diplomacy and world peace?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review Help

I decided to start posting helpful review sites. Please add your reccomendations as comments as you like. 

Also, if anyone wants to write songs or poems to the tune of pop songs to help the class review specific eras, please do.

 You'll get +5 test points for each rhyme successfully posted and PERFORMED for class - that's right. PERFORMED!

Cinco de Mayo 101

Monday, May 4, 2009

Homework for May 4, 2009 (due Tues. 5/5)

The following is the assignment that was distributed in class today.  B e sure to read the reminders at the end of this HW assignment. 

1. Read pp. 890 -n 901 in Out of Many. 

2. Define: 

Nuremburg Laws
Nye Committee
Neutrality Act of 1939
Lend Lease Act
Axis Powers
Allied Powers
Atlantic Charter
War Powers Act
Office of War Information
Office of War Mobilization
Rosie the Riviter
Executive Order 9066
Korematsu v. United States

3. Identify and describe how the nation adapted economically and culturally to mobilize for the war effort.

Please note that if you missed today's exam (the SAT is not a reason to  miss class, folks) you will need to make up your test after school this Tuesday or Wednesday. If you have a medical or legal excuse note, we can negotiate your lunch period as a make up time. 

If you have not submitted the New Deal DBQ keep in mind that it is worth 27/ 100 points from the exam we took today.  You will lose 10% of that essay score for each day late. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Progress, Preparedness and Protest : The US and WWI

For your blog -Read Chapter 8: The Birth of Civil Liberties in The Story of American Freedom by Monday 4/6 .

In Chapter 8 of The Story of American Freedom, Eric Foner explains that "the enlistment of democracy and freedom as ideological war weapons, qualities that set the country apart from German authoritarianism, inevitably inspired demands for their expansion at home."

In your opinion, why did American social movements gain momentum during the period leading up to and immediately following the Great War. How did those social movements contribute to support and opposition to the US' role in WWI. Reference at least three achievements of social movements to support your answer.Be prepared to have a seminar on this chapter on Monday.

By Tuesday, 3/7 have a timeline/ copious notes and questions prepared on pages 771-782 in Chapter 22 of Out of Many. The notes should reflect key terms, understandings and events related to the US' role in WWI and it's impact on American domestic and foreign policy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Nationalism and New Freedom

Clifford Berryman cartoon depicting candidates for the election of 1912
1. Actively read and summarize the essay "The New Nationalism and the New Freedom: A Study in Contrast" at:

2. How did Roosevelt's New Nationalism and Wilson's New Freedom ideologies compare? Which was more beneficial for Americans in the first decades of the twentienth century?

3. Read the recent Washington Post editorial entitled "Obama's Blank Slate" by Tony Blankley:

According to this article, do Obama's goals seem more like those of Roosevelt or Wilson? How will his efforts resemble these two important "liberal" administrations?

minimum of 250 words total. due monday at the begining of class

Thursday, March 19, 2009

progressive era - key themes

progresive era powerpoint from today's lecture is available for view here:

use this resource to complete the notes and questions from today's session.