Saturday, April 4, 2009

Progress, Preparedness and Protest : The US and WWI

For your blog -Read Chapter 8: The Birth of Civil Liberties in The Story of American Freedom by Monday 4/6 .

In Chapter 8 of The Story of American Freedom, Eric Foner explains that "the enlistment of democracy and freedom as ideological war weapons, qualities that set the country apart from German authoritarianism, inevitably inspired demands for their expansion at home."

In your opinion, why did American social movements gain momentum during the period leading up to and immediately following the Great War. How did those social movements contribute to support and opposition to the US' role in WWI. Reference at least three achievements of social movements to support your answer.Be prepared to have a seminar on this chapter on Monday.

By Tuesday, 3/7 have a timeline/ copious notes and questions prepared on pages 771-782 in Chapter 22 of Out of Many. The notes should reflect key terms, understandings and events related to the US' role in WWI and it's impact on American domestic and foreign policy.