Friday, January 9, 2009

Civil war film review: optional extra credit assignment

As extra credit for this class, you may review one or more of the following films on the US Civil War:



Cold Mountain

The Confederate States of America

Gods and Generals

Summarize the plot of the film in 150 words or more. Then, explain how the film relates to class and evaluate it's historical accuracy. Finally, give your opinion on wether or not this is a "must see" for students of US history. The review must be a total of at least 250 word and may be posted on a blog, submitted on paper or take another creative/ visual format (video, poster, powerpoint, etc.)
Due Monday, January 20 (Yes, I know we have off in observence of MLK day, but by then.)

Civil War Primary Source Investigation

Harper's Weekly was the most popular newspaper during the Civil War, and it featured stunning illustrations, and in depth stories on all the important people and events of the war. For this week's blog assignment, analyze and evalutate material from this important primary source following the directions below:

1. Actively read any issue from the online archive of Harpers' papers from 1861-65. (These papers are 4-6 pages long and include photographs and advertisements.) The papers are available for view at:

2. Summarize two articles and/or cartoons related to the war published in this edition (be sure to indicate the date and page of each source.) What insight do these articles provide into the issues most important to Harper's Weekly readers at this time? What are the authors and/or artists' positions on the war?

3. Conclude by discussing the impact you believe papers like Harpers' Weekly had on the war.This post is due by Friday, 1/11 at 7 a.m. 200 word minimum. Remember to respond to at least one classmates post.