Monday, May 4, 2009

Homework for May 4, 2009 (due Tues. 5/5)

The following is the assignment that was distributed in class today.  B e sure to read the reminders at the end of this HW assignment. 

1. Read pp. 890 -n 901 in Out of Many. 

2. Define: 

Nuremburg Laws
Nye Committee
Neutrality Act of 1939
Lend Lease Act
Axis Powers
Allied Powers
Atlantic Charter
War Powers Act
Office of War Information
Office of War Mobilization
Rosie the Riviter
Executive Order 9066
Korematsu v. United States

3. Identify and describe how the nation adapted economically and culturally to mobilize for the war effort.

Please note that if you missed today's exam (the SAT is not a reason to  miss class, folks) you will need to make up your test after school this Tuesday or Wednesday. If you have a medical or legal excuse note, we can negotiate your lunch period as a make up time. 

If you have not submitted the New Deal DBQ keep in mind that it is worth 27/ 100 points from the exam we took today.  You will lose 10% of that essay score for each day late. 


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